The Centre for Optical Fiber Technology (COFT) in Nanyang Technological University installs Optacore’s CDS-03 Chelate Doping System

The Centre for Optical Fiber Technology (COFT) at The Photonics Institute in Nanyang Technological University and Optacore have completed the installation and start-up of Optacore’s CDS-03 advanced chelate doping system in COFT laboratory earlier in October this year. The system will give NTU scientists and researchers the capability to use vapour-phase doping process in the manufacturing of laser and other active fibres.

The installation and the commissioning were completed to COFT’s satisfaction. Luka Perpar, head of Optacore’s Preform & Fiber Division, is grateful to COFT’s personnel and technical support team for the smooth installation and start-up process, and see enormous potential for medium and high-power laser development due to the quality of the personnel and laboratory set-up. COFT has thus become the 14th member of Optacore’s family of customers and partners, using the CDS-03 chelate doping system to develop and produce active fibres.