Thank you for visiting us at WSOF 2015

Optacore has visited the vibrant city of Hong Kong during the recent WSOF workshop and presented a poster with the title “Background Attenuation of Al-doped Fibers Produced by Vapor-Phase Doping Technique”. Optacore also participated in the exposition organized as part of the workshop and presented latest equipment solutions. The novelties presented at the WSOF included:

  • improved CDS-03 chelate doping system and CVD-08 MCVD preform system,
  • MCF-35 graphite inductive or MCF-36 graphite resistive furnaces, to be used in MCVD or draw towers,
  • components and systems for fiber draw towers, including ULV-78 UV LED module as replacement of traditional Fusion UV lamps, with significantly lower ecological imprint, energy saving, production room noise reduction and importantly increased life time,
  • low background loss design of Yb/al and Yb/Al/P-codoped preforms and laser fibers, now made available to Optacore’s customers,
  • preforms doped by other rare earth dopants (Er, Tm, Ho, Nd, Sm,…) with engineered refractive or composition profiles and large core (over 8 mm).

We are looking forward to the next WSOF workshop in Cyprus and hope to meet you there!