OPD-07 outside plasma deposition: very important application of OPD-07 is fabrication of triple-clad laser preforms. It is also used in fabrication of other silica-silica preforms. OPD-07 deposits pure or highly fluorine-doped layers (NA up to 0.27) on thick-walled tubes or core preforms and to produce step-index performs from pure fused silica. Produced F-doped silica glass can be used in UV-VIS range with λ ≥ 240 nm (high OH-content )in near IR wavelength range up to 2600 nm (low OH- content < 0.2 ppm). Outside plasma can also be used for quartz surface etching and high temperature polishing of rods and preforms.

Read more in OPD-07 (PDF) documentation.