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PVD-06 is a R&D plasma CVD system, designed for special optical fiber preform fabrication. While it can still produce highs quality SM and GI preforms, according to ITU-T recommendations G.651, G.652, G.655 and G.657, it is also a versatile tool for development of new products, which require ultimate refractive index control and high level fluorine doping. When used with Optacore’s precursor sources for vapor-phase deposition (CDS or FVS doping system), PVD-06 can be used in fabrication of laser and sensor fiber preforms.

Read more in PVD-06 (PDF) documentation.


OPD-07 outside plasma deposition: very important application of OPD-07 is fabrication of triple-clad laser preforms. It is also used in fabrication of other silica-silica preforms. OPD-07 deposits pure or highly fluorine-doped layers (NA up to 0.27) on thick-walled tubes or core preforms and to produce step-index performs from pure fused silica. Produced F-doped silica glass can be used in UV-VIS range with λ ≥ 240 nm (high OH-content )in near IR wavelength range up to 2600 nm (low OH- content < 0.2 ppm). Outside plasma can also be used for quartz surface etching and high temperature polishing of rods and preforms.

Read more in OPD-07 (PDF) documentation.


The FPT-55 line is designed for proof testing and rewinding of standard and special optical fibers. Fiber strength is tested by applying tensile stress to the fiber between two capstans. Modern, brushless AC technology is used all drives for minimal maintenance needs and low total cost of ownership. Compact design reduces floor requirement and installation time by built-in electronics and control system.

Read more in FPT-55 (PDF) documentation.


TUT-12 fiber take-up unit is a compact winder for optical fiber or similar light and thin yarn or wire. Its small footprint and lightweight design make it perfectly suitable for laboratory applications and cramped workspaces; or cases where take-up unit has to be moved frequently or used with different pay-off or rewinding configurations.

Read more in TUT-12 (PDF) documentation.


Optacore’s XBEND multimode fiber bend intensive multimode fiber uses unique fiber and transmission system design that provides extremely high macro-bend tolerance, while preserving and exceeding legacy multimode fiber bandwidth. Typical XBEND bend intensive multimode fiber can easily tolerate millimeter range bend diameter and provides high bandwidth. Furthermore XBEND retains full compatibility and interconnectivity with legacy 50 μm GI MMF.

Read more in XBEND (PDF) documentation.