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Complete Preform Fabrication Facilities

Optacore has extensive experience in optical fiber fabrication processes and technology. Active in the fiber production and design since 1986, Optacore can provide complete turn-key solutions for installation of new fabrication facilities, ranging from single MCVD system laboratories to large size production facilities. The Optacore offers the widest portfolio of specialized and general preform and fiber fabrication equipment, including measurement & test devices, effluent treatment systems and glass reforming equipment. Optacore also provides know-how and technology transfer packages, as well as training for customer’s engineers and managers.

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CVD-08 preform fabrication system is based on versatile and flexible MCVD preform technology. It is suitable for fabrication of wide range of optical fiber preforms and can be combined with a number of add-on devices for special doping (rare earth vapor phase precursor delivery) or advanced processing (FCVD) using a furnace instead of oxyhydrogen burner as heat source. CVD-08 is adapted to specific customer requirements and is available in different equipment configurations depending on application.

Read more in CVD-08 (PDF) documentation.



GWL-10 glass working lathes in different configurations and sizes are used in substrate tube preparation, welding, stubbing, preform polishing, jacketing and stretching of quartz glass. They are often used for rounding asymmetrically shaped preforms and in preparation of micro-structured preforms for drawing.

Read more in GWL-10 (PDF) documentation.


VSL-11 vertical glass working lathe is developed for jacketing preforms in vertical position, or for stretching preforms and tubes. As vertical has specific advantages over horizontal jacketing when very precise core concentricity is required, it is strongly suggested in fabrication of polarization maintaining fiber preforms, as well as in fabrication of low birefringence preforms.

Read more in VSL-11 (PDF) documentation.


MCF-35 MCVD furnace is a powerful, symmetrical and accurately adjustable heat source developed for advanced MCVD process. It reduces influence of asymmetric burner flame on final preform geometry while shortening fabrication time significantly, thus limiting the OH- diffusion for reduced water peak.

Read more in MCF-35 (PDF) documentation.


Optacore oxyhydrogen HRB-20 metal half-ring burner with water cooling is ideally suited for manufacturing of standard and special optical fiber preforms by MCVD method.

Read more in HRB-20 (PDF) documentation.


SBL-22 Automatic soot removal and substrate tube inner pressure control system is made of materials resistant to rust by chlorine and high temperature gases (SS, PVC) and exposed metal surfaces are painted with anti-rust paint. The box is installed inside tailstock bore. At one end (inside) it provides sealing to exhaust (soot collection tube), and on the other (outside) to non-rotating support for soot remover and for connections to: scrubber exhaust, pressurizing gas for tube inner pressure control and pressure sensor.

Soot box SBL-22 is suitable for industrial environment and is based on an industrial standard solution, used by
large fiber-makers. This box is used when tube diameter control is required.

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CDS-03 Chelate delivery system is an accessory for fabrication of optical fiber preforms by CVD or OVD process, where special dopants and precursors are delivered into deposition zone by direct evaporation of low vapor pressure precursors like rare earth ions and aluminum. It is an essential tool in fabrication of highly rare-earth doped fibers, which are used as fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers, like EDFA and Yb-, Tm- or Ho-doped dual- or triple-clad large mode area (LMA) fibers. It is integrated with WinMCVD control system and process computer.

Read more in CDS03 (PDF) documentation.


FVS-04 Flash vaporization doping system is an add-on device for preform fabrication equipment, for CVD and OVD processes. System generates special silica or glass dopant precursor vapors by evaporation from solutions. This permits vapor phase (in-situ) deposition of silica in fabrication of rare earth- or metal ion-doped preforms for active and special optical fibers.

Read more in FVS-04 (PDF) documentation.


AES-04 Aerosol doping system is an add-on device for preforms fabrication equipment, either for CVD or OVD processes. System delivers special precursors into deposition zone or flame by injecting aerosols. This method permits injection of either droplet/gas or (nano) particle/gas mixtures for in-situ deposition for fabrication of rare earth- or metal ion-doped silica for active and sensor fibers. AES technique allows development of new and novel glass materials.

Read more in AES-04 (PDF) documentation.