QTS-95 quartz tube and preform storage cabinet is an accessory used in preform fabrication facilities, to store quartz tubes, rods and preforms safely and in clean environment. Quartz rods and tubes are stored in horizontal position and are traversed by flow of clean air, preventing contamination by particles and providing excellent means for organization of stock. While primarily intended for clean, washed or etched glass, cabinet can serve well also for organizing inlet and exhaust tubes and technical quartz glass pieces, used in MCVD, FCVD, PCVD, OVD or VAD production environment.

Read more in QTS-95 (PDF) documentation.


QSG-93 Quartz surface grinder is used in reshaping of optical fiber preforms for different application, like laser fiber fabrication, special polarization maintaining fibers, fan-out fiber assemblies, preforms with highly elliptical internal layers, etc. Due to high precision it can be used to polish machined surfaces to very high quality by grinding.

Read more in QSG-93 (PDF) documentation.


QCG-94 quartz centerless surface grinder is used in fabrication of round quartz or other glass rods and pieces, like boron stress rods in production of gyroscope PM Panda fibers. Other application includes preform reshaping and removal of outer glass layers in special optical fiber preform fabrication.

Read more in QCG-94 (PDF) documentation.


QCS-90 quartz cutting saw is an essential tool in fabrication of optical fiber and preform; it is used in preparation of substrate quartz tubes and in handling preforms prior or after fiber drawing. Proper cutting of substrate and other tubing is important for the quality of end product. Good, perpendicular cuts, without splinters and cut surface damage lead to exact and reliable welding and stubbing, important for fabrication of straight preforms.

Read more in QCS-90 (PDF) documentation.