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MCVD preform manufacturing system for University of New Mexico in Albuquerque

Optacore has been selected as supplier of an MCVD system for fabrication of special optical fiber preforms in Center for High Technology Materials, by Purchasing Dept. of University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, NM.

Newly delivered MCVD system shall permit Center for High Technology Materials to pursue research and development activities in the field of silica-based rare earth-doped optical fibers, as well as other fiber types, by adding the capability to produce novel and innovative glass compositions and fiber preforms.

Latest news from China’s Market

Optacore is happy to announce that we are making a significant contribution to development of Chinese photonics component and system market development. Fast growth of demand for laser optical fibers for medium and high power fiber lasers has convinced many companies it is the right time to invest into advanced preform and optical fiber manufacturing equipment.

Optacore has signed several a number of contracts with confidential customers for delivery of preform fabrication and testing equipment that was delivered in summer 2016, with further deliveries during winter and spring of 2017. The following equipment has been sold, and is partially already commissioned and operational:

  • CVD-08 MCVD preform fabrication system, 4 units
  • CDS-03 advanced chelate doping system, 4 units
  • GWL-10 horizontal glass working lathe, 1 unit
  • BRC-12 automatic bubbler refill system, 2 units
  • MCF-31 MCVD resistive graphite furnace, 1 unit
  • MCF-35 MCVD inductive graphite furnace, 1 unit
  • MPS-04 Preform slice rare earth doping level measurement system, 2 units

With these orders and deliveries, Optacore confirms its position as one the main suppliers of preform making equipment and technologies in the global market, especially in Asia and Pacific Rim regions.

Photonics West 2017 – conference and exhibition



Let’s meet during Photonics West 2017 conference and exhibition, in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, at the end of January 2017.


Optacore’s sales team and technical specialists shall attend Photonics West between January 28th and February 2nd, and shall be available for discussions during their stay outside of the conference venue or in the exposition area. Please write to Mr. Borut Lenardič to schedule a meeting.


More information on conference and exposition is available from the following link: .

Workshop: Optical Fibers and Signal Processing


On kind invitation from Optical fibers and Signal Processing Group and prof. Miguel V. Andrès of Valencia University, Optacore contributed a talk on development and manufacturing of high power Yb doped laser fibers by vapor-phase doping methods.


The seminar was dedicated to dissemination of group activities and strengthening of scientific collaborations locally in Spain and globally. Complete program and contributions can be followed through the following link .


It was the first time for Optacore to visit Valencia and we are grateful to organizers for the invitation and the opportunity to talk to specialists and students attending the seminar. We are looking forward to meet again!

New MCVD preform manufacturing system commissioned

PNPPK, a well-known Russian supplier of optical fiber sensing solutions, and Optacore, MCVD technology and equipment supplier, have recently finalized installation and commissioning of the 4th CVD-08 system, supplied by Optacore since 2011.

MCVD system will be used in development and manufacturing of diverse special optical fiber preforms for advance telecom and sensing applications, in PNPPK’s world class optical fiber manufacturing facility in Perm. More information about PNPPK: .

International Training School on Fiber Lasers & Optical Fiber Technology




Optacore participated in this year’s International Training School, traditionally organized by Institute of Photonics and Electronics of The Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague.


School was dedicated to training in optical fiber and fiber laser fabrication technologies and it was sponsored by COST, It united teachers from renowned academic environment and industry, with attending students from all over the world. Optacore contributed lessons on technologies and processes for fabrication of silica-based special optical fibers. Complete program and contributions can be followed through the following link



Photo above shows student using recently upgraded MCVD system in IPE, Optacore’s WinMCVD control system (seen in the background), making it easier to cope with the MCVD process complexity.

The Centre for Optical Fiber Technology (COFT) in Nanyang Technological University installs Optacore’s CDS-03 Chelate Doping System

The Centre for Optical Fiber Technology (COFT) at The Photonics Institute in Nanyang Technological University and Optacore have completed the installation and start-up of Optacore’s CDS-03 advanced chelate doping system in COFT laboratory earlier in October this year. The system will give NTU scientists and researchers the capability to use vapour-phase doping process in the manufacturing of laser and other active fibres.

The installation and the commissioning were completed to COFT’s satisfaction. Luka Perpar, head of Optacore’s Preform & Fiber Division, is grateful to COFT’s personnel and technical support team for the smooth installation and start-up process, and see enormous potential for medium and high-power laser development due to the quality of the personnel and laboratory set-up. COFT has thus become the 14th member of Optacore’s family of customers and partners, using the CDS-03 chelate doping system to develop and produce active fibres.

Thank you for visiting us at WSOF 2015

Optacore has visited the vibrant city of Hong Kong during the recent WSOF workshop and presented a poster with the title “Background Attenuation of Al-doped Fibers Produced by Vapor-Phase Doping Technique”. Optacore also participated in the exposition organized as part of the workshop and presented latest equipment solutions. The novelties presented at the WSOF included:

  • improved CDS-03 chelate doping system and CVD-08 MCVD preform system,
  • MCF-35 graphite inductive or MCF-36 graphite resistive furnaces, to be used in MCVD or draw towers,
  • components and systems for fiber draw towers, including ULV-78 UV LED module as replacement of traditional Fusion UV lamps, with significantly lower ecological imprint, energy saving, production room noise reduction and importantly increased life time,
  • low background loss design of Yb/al and Yb/Al/P-codoped preforms and laser fibers, now made available to Optacore’s customers,
  • preforms doped by other rare earth dopants (Er, Tm, Ho, Nd, Sm,…) with engineered refractive or composition profiles and large core (over 8 mm).

We are looking forward to the next WSOF workshop in Cyprus and hope to meet you there!

Optacore at WSOF 2015

Workshops on Specialty Optical Fibers are meetings where researchers, manufacturers and users of special optic fibers meet every two years to discuss advances in the field and exchange experiences. Since last workshop in Sigtuna (Sweden) in 2013, Optacore has made significant steps ahead, new solutions have been developed and technologies have been improved for fabrication of rare earth- and metal ion-doped fibers. We are planning to report on these improvements during the sessions and exhibition from November 4th to 6th, 2015 in Hong Kong Icon Hotel.

Optacore is participating, visit us at our booth #17. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

Optacore won the tender for upgrade of MCVD preform fabrication system with WinMCVD control system

UFE (IPE) and Optacore signed a contract for an upgrade to be delivered and installed to IPE’s MCVD preform fabrication system. Upgrade consists of gas cabinet and preform lathe modifications, as well as installation of Optacore’s powerful and flexible WinMCVD control system. The project is scheduled to finalize by December 10 this year.

IPE is a public research institution, one of the research institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, the largest non-university research organization in the Czech Republic. IPE carries out fundamental and applied research in the scientific fields of photonics, optoelectronics and electronics. In the field of photonics, the primary focus at IPE is the research and development of optical biosensors, high-power fiber lasers, generators of coherent radiation in middle IR, and special optical fibers.

Both partners look forward to positive and constructive partnership between the two laboratories, leading to further common research and development project in the future.