GWL-10 glass working lathes in different configurations and sizes are used in substrate tube preparation, welding, stubbing, preform polishing, jacketing and stretching of quartz glass. They are often used for rounding asymmetrically shaped preforms and in preparation of micro-structured preforms for drawing.

Read more in GWL-10 (PDF) documentation.


VSL-11 vertical glass working lathe is developed for jacketing preforms in vertical position, or for stretching preforms and tubes. As vertical has specific advantages over horizontal jacketing when very precise core concentricity is required, it is strongly suggested in fabrication of polarization maintaining fiber preforms, as well as in fabrication of low birefringence preforms.

Read more in VSL-11 (PDF) documentation.


BRC-12 Optacore’s Bubbler refill cabinet for MCVD preform making equipment refilling is a specially constructed set of cabinets (individual cabinets for each reagent), each with space for one delivery container and one intermediate refill container. Cabinets are constructed for refilling bubblers with SiCl4 and GeCl4.

To read more on BRC-12 documentation, please contact Optacore.


SGC-13 Gas Cylinder Cabinets is supplied to be used together with MCVD equipment, providing all essential functions and compliance with safety principles of operation. Safe connection and use of special gases is extremely important in optical fiber preform fabrication process, both for gas purity, as well as safety of equipment and personnel. Some gases used in MCVD process are very aggressive or even toxic, therefore proper handling during cylinder connection and exchange has to be provided.

To read more on SGC-13 documentation, please contact Optacore.


CGP-14 Gas purifier removes impurities from reaction gas to a level acceptable in fabrication of optical fiber preforms by MCVD or similar vapor phase deposition process. Use of high purity gases in optical fiber preform fabrication is essential for low related to hydroxyl contamination (water peak). In fiber drawing or MCVD furnace operation, oxygen gas has to be eliminated from inert gas flow. Optacore has developed a set of devices for purification of gases in optical fiber and preform fabrication process.

Read more in CGP-14 (PDF) documentation.