CVD-08 preform fabrication system is based on versatile and flexible MCVD preform technology. It is suitable for fabrication of wide range of optical fiber preforms and can be combined with a number of add-on devices for special doping (rare earth vapor phase precursor delivery) or advanced processing (FCVD) using a furnace instead of oxyhydrogen burner as heat source. CVD-08 is adapted to specific customer requirements and is available in different equipment configurations depending on application.

Read more in CVD-08 (PDF) documentation.



CDS-03 Chelate delivery system is an accessory for fabrication of optical fiber preforms by CVD or OVD process, where special dopants and precursors are delivered into deposition zone by direct evaporation of low vapor pressure precursors like rare earth ions and aluminum. It is an essential tool in fabrication of highly rare-earth doped fibers, which are used as fiber amplifiers and fiber lasers, like EDFA and Yb-, Tm- or Ho-doped dual- or triple-clad large mode area (LMA) fibers. It is integrated with WinMCVD control system and process computer.

Read more in CDS03 (PDF) documentation.


FVS-04 Flash vaporization doping system is an add-on device for preform fabrication equipment, for CVD and OVD processes. System generates special silica or glass dopant precursor vapors by evaporation from solutions. This permits vapor phase (in-situ) deposition of silica in fabrication of rare earth- or metal ion-doped preforms for active and special optical fibers.

Read more in FVS-04 (PDF) documentation.


AES-04 Aerosol doping system is an add-on device for preforms fabrication equipment, either for CVD or OVD processes. System delivers special precursors into deposition zone or flame by injecting aerosols. This method permits injection of either droplet/gas or (nano) particle/gas mixtures for in-situ deposition for fabrication of rare earth- or metal ion-doped silica for active and sensor fibers. AES technique allows development of new and novel glass materials.

Read more in AES-04 (PDF) documentation.


MSC-09 scrubber is a professional system for disposal of gas pollutants by washing effluent gases from MCVD preform fabrication process and quartz tube washer/etcher. By its size and purification capacity it can be adapted to the number of installed machines at customer’s site. Largest MSC scrubber units can wash up to 3000 Nm3/h of effluent gases, and the smallest unit (MSC-09/S is intended for laboratories with a single deposition system.

Read more in MSC-09 (PDF) documentation.


PVD-06 is a R&D plasma CVD system, designed for special optical fiber preform fabrication. While it can still produce highs quality SM and GI preforms, according to ITU-T recommendations G.651, G.652, G.655 and G.657, it is also a versatile tool for development of new products, which require ultimate refractive index control and high level fluorine doping. When used with Optacore’s precursor sources for vapor-phase deposition (CDS or FVS doping system), PVD-06 can be used in fabrication of laser and sensor fiber preforms.

Read more in PVD-06 (PDF) documentation.