Optacore oxyhydrogen HRB-20 metal half-ring burner with water cooling is ideally suited for manufacturing of standard and special optical fiber preforms by MCVD method.

Read more in HRB-20 (PDF) documentation.


SBL-22 Automatic soot removal and substrate tube inner pressure control system is made of materials resistant to rust by chlorine and high temperature gases (SS, PVC) and exposed metal surfaces are painted with anti-rust paint. The box is installed inside tailstock bore. At one end (inside) it provides sealing to exhaust (soot collection tube), and on the other (outside) to non-rotating support for soot remover and for connections to: scrubber exhaust, pressurizing gas for tube inner pressure control and pressure sensor.

Soot box SBL-22 is suitable for industrial environment and is based on an industrial standard solution, used by
large fiber-makers. This box is used when tube diameter control is required.

To read more on SBL-22 documentation, please contact Optacore.