The Centre for Optical Fiber Technology (COFT) in Nanyang Technological University installs Optacore’s CDS-03 Chelate Doping System

The Centre for Optical Fiber Technology (COFT) at The Photonics Institute in Nanyang Technological University and Optacore have completed the installation and start-up of Optacore’s CDS-03 advanced chelate doping system in COFT laboratory earlier in October this year. The system will give NTU scientists and researchers the capability to use vapour-phase doping process in the manufacturing of laser and other active fibres.

The installation and the commissioning were completed to COFT’s satisfaction. Luka Perpar, head of Optacore’s Preform & Fiber Division, is grateful to COFT’s personnel and technical support team for the smooth installation and start-up process, and see enormous potential for medium and high-power laser development due to the quality of the personnel and laboratory set-up. COFT has thus become the 14th member of Optacore’s family of customers and partners, using the CDS-03 chelate doping system to develop and produce active fibres.

Thank you for visiting us at WSOF 2015

Optacore has visited the vibrant city of Hong Kong during the recent WSOF workshop and presented a poster with the title “Background Attenuation of Al-doped Fibers Produced by Vapor-Phase Doping Technique”. Optacore also participated in the exposition organized as part of the workshop and presented latest equipment solutions. The novelties presented at the WSOF included:

  • improved CDS-03 chelate doping system and CVD-08 MCVD preform system,
  • MCF-35 graphite inductive or MCF-36 graphite resistive furnaces, to be used in MCVD or draw towers,
  • components and systems for fiber draw towers, including ULV-78 UV LED module as replacement of traditional Fusion UV lamps, with significantly lower ecological imprint, energy saving, production room noise reduction and importantly increased life time,
  • low background loss design of Yb/al and Yb/Al/P-codoped preforms and laser fibers, now made available to Optacore’s customers,
  • preforms doped by other rare earth dopants (Er, Tm, Ho, Nd, Sm,…) with engineered refractive or composition profiles and large core (over 8 mm).

We are looking forward to the next WSOF workshop in Cyprus and hope to meet you there!